Roaring Success at RUN CALGARY's "The Wild Run": A Unique Journey Through the Calgary Zoo and Along the Bow River

Roaring Success at RUN CALGARY's "The Wild Run": A Unique Journey Through the Calgary Zoo and Along the Bow River

This past weekend, Calgary was treated to an extraordinary athletic adventure as runners from near and far gathered for "The Wild Run," a thrilling 10-mile race that wound its way through the picturesque Calgary Zoo and along the serene Bow River. With lions, tigers, and even camels as our cheering section, it was a race like no other. While we were pounding the pavement, the rest of the animal kingdom was probably still enjoying their morning siestas.

A Unique Race Through the Wild Kingdom:
The Wild Run was aptly named. As we laced up our running shoes and set off, we embarked on a journey through the heart of the Calgary Zoo, a place usually reserved for its animal residents and visitors. The thrill of running past the enclosures of majestic lions, awe-inspiring tigers, and curious camels was an experience that combined the worlds of athleticism and wildlife appreciation.

Morning Run, Animal Style:
While we were hitting our stride on this unique course, it seemed that many of our animal neighbors were content to catch some extra Z's. It was a humorous reminder that we humans were the early risers, taking on the challenge of this exhilarating run while the animal kingdom enjoyed its own kind of morning routine.

Scenic Beauty Along the Bow River:
After our wild adventure through the zoo, the race continued along the serene Bow River. The tranquil beauty of the riverbanks provided a stark contrast to the wild excitement of the zoo. It was a chance for runners to soak in the natural splendor of Calgary and find a sense of peace and serenity amid the athletic exertion.

Community, Camaraderie, and Accomplishment:
Beyond the unique setting, The Wild Run was a testament to the power of community and camaraderie. Runners of all levels, from seasoned athletes to first-time racers, came together to conquer this challenging course. The cheers and encouragement exchanged among participants created an atmosphere of support and accomplishment.

I had a great run and was pleasantly surprised with exceeding the time i hoped for. I will definitely be putting in the diary for next year.

The Wild Run, presented by RUN CALGARY, was a memorable event that blended the thrill of running with the wonder of the animal kingdom and the beauty of nature along the Bow River. It showcased the vibrant spirit of Calgary's running community and the sense of adventure that drives us to explore new horizons, even if those horizons include lions, tigers, and camels. As we crossed the finish line, we couldn't help but smile, knowing we had taken part in a truly wild and wonderful race experience.

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